Eco-Drive for all cargo Holders

Less fuel consumption, fewer noise emissions and higher profitability with EcoDrive

During longer transportation applications MULAG cargo tractors of type Comet 4,6 and 8 are able to shift up an additional gear with the aid of an electronic controller to reduce the overall engine speed.

Green Technology – less CO2 pollution

Environmental protection plays an increasingly important role in many areas. By effectively reducing CO2 emissions you can also make your contribution. With the EcoDrive technology a vehicle uses up to 1 ton less CO2 per year.

Noise protection is occupational safety and health

From the lower engine speed results a significant reduction of noise exposure to the environment and the vehicle occupants. Using the EcoDrive technology the noise level is reduced by up to 50%.

Higher economical Efficiency

Due to lower engine speed during longer transport applications with the permitted maximum speed the fuel consumption is being reduced by up to 40%

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