Intelligent Baggage Handling.

BBHS provides intelligent, fast, gentle, and efficient baggage handling with proven results. Their company is made of entrepreneurs who create change in operating cost of Bulk Baggage Handling and improve the passenger experience.  Continue reading “BBHS”


Made in Europe

COBUS Industries is part of Salvador Caetano Group and Daimler AG – they are global players in the field of airport mobility. Modern product design, advanced technologies and a fundamental understanding of passengers’ and airport operators’ demands distinguish COBUS and make us a global market leader. Continue reading “cobus”


Global market leader within the baggage and cargo handling systems solutions in the aviation industry.

Power Stow is a family-owned engineering and manufacturing company with headquarters at Gadstrup, just outside Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. In addition to its Danish facilities, Power Stow also has a production plant near Atlanta, GA (USA). Continue reading “powerstow”


Mulag is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of high-tech products and special solutions for airport ground support and roadside maintenance vehicles. The well-known MULAG quality is based on decades of experience in special vehicle construction: Continue reading “mulag”


Dedicated to rescuing, dedicated to you!

RESQTEC continues to be a true innovative manufacturer that understands the complications of any rescue or recovery operation. We use the latest technologies in materials and engineering to deliver you the best, safest and most durable equipment that can withstand the harsh rescue environment. Continue reading “RESQTEC”


At Carttec, we design and manufacture specific solutions for each area of the airport: stainless steel or aluminium carts, duty-free carts, children’s carts, airport benches and seats, electric vehicles, mobile posts and doors for access and waiting areas, cart collectors, etc. In addition, we offer you the latest technology for the management and maintenance of all airport carts.

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