Catering Hi-Lifts, Water & Lavatory Trucks, Medical Lift, Maintenance Platform and other essential ground service equipment.

A380 Catering Hi-Lifts

The A380 Catering Hi-Lift is designed to allow servicing of the A380 Upper Deck with downward compatibility to service lower doorsill aircraft to as low as 2850mm*. Its features facilitate the servicing of door U1R on the upper deck of A380 aircraft.

Regular Catering Hi-Lifts

The Standard cab version, most commonly in use is suitable in servicing a range of commercial aircraft such as A318/319, A320, A330, A340, A380 main deck, B737-300/400 (with the ramp), B757, B767, B777, B747, etc…

The Drop cab version allows operators to access the cabin easily. The lower platform servicing height of 2400mm* permits it to service aircraft like B737Ng to the main deck of A380.

The Half Cab version further reduces servicing height to approx. 1400mm* to service lower sill height in small commuter aircrafts such as the Bombardier’s Q series.

*Height differs with the different types of chassis.

Potable Water Servicing Truck

The Aeroserve Water Servicing Truck is a self-contained unit consisting of a stainless steel water tank, pump assembly and lifts platform.

The interior of the tank is smooth and is ideal for storage of potable water. It is formed from a 4mm stainless steel with curve ends to take better water surge. Special attention is provided to the tank construction to avoid cavities that could trap dirt.


Water Capacity  3200 L
 Chassis  Isuzu / User may specify preference
 Transmission  Automatic / Manual
 GVW  8700 kg
 Overall Length  7100 mm
 Overall Width  2200 mm
 Overall Height  2250 mm
 Tank Material  4mm 316 s/steel
 Pump  S/S Centrifugal Impeller
 Max Pressure  50 psig (3.5 bar)
 Flow Rate  110 L/min
 PTO  Direct couple gear
 Platform Dimensions (L x W)  1200 mm x 800mm
 Platform Max Height  3000 mm

Lavatory Servicing Truck

The Aeroserve Lavatory Truck is a service vehicle to facilitate the removal of lavatory waste either by means gravity flow or vacuum suction from the aircraft. Additionally, it replenishes the system with fresh flush water after each waste removing cycle.

The integral waste and water tank is located side by side separated by a welded wall. It is formed from 4.5 stainless steel to an elliptical shape tank with curve edges to take higher surges from the water and waste load in the tank. Special attention is laid on the tank construction to avoid cavities that could trap dirt.


Chassis  Isuzu / User may specify preference
 Transmission  Automatic / Manual
 GVW  8700 kgs
 Overall Length  7300 mm
 Overall Width  2200 mm
 Overall Height  2250 mm
 Tank Material  4.5 mm S/S 304
 PTO  Direct Couple Gear
 Water Capacity  1100 litres
 Pump Type  S/S Centrifugal Impeller
 Max. Pressure  3.5 kg/cm2 (50 psi)
 Flow Rate  110 L/min
 Waste Capacity  2200 litres
 Vacuum Type (Optional)  Liquid Ring
 Max. Pressure  20 InchHg (max)
 Working Vacuum  11 InchHg
 Platform Dimension (L x W)  1200 mm x 800 mm
 Platform Max. Ht  3000 mm

Lavatory & Water Cart

The Aeroserve Lavatory is a tank mounted special vehicle that facilitates the removal of lavatory waste from aircraft and replenishes the system with fresh flush water. Its low servicing height is ideal for servicing small commuter to medium build commercials aircraft.

A water cart version with a similar design to replenish potable water in aircraft is also available.


 Chassis  Towable 4 wheels frame
 Total Tank Capacity  Approx 370 L to 1000 L
(User may specify)
 System  Diesel generator
 Tank Material  3mm thick S/S

5.5m Maintenance Platform

The Aeroserve 5.5 M Maintenance Lift Platform is designed to facilitate improved access for aircraft maintenance.

The unit uses two single acting hydraulic lift cylinders to operate the scissor lift mechanism. Each cylinder has a check valve to prevent inadvertent downward movement. This system is suitable and safe to elevate the platform to the aircraft servicing height.

 Chassis  Isuzu / User may specify
 Transmission  Automatic /Manual
 Overall Length  4900 mm
 Overall Width  1695 mm
 Overall Height  2161 mm
 Platform Max Ht  5500 mm
 Platform Min Ht  1090 mm
 Platform Length  2800 mm
 Platform Width  900  mm
 Payload  250  kgs

Regular Medical Hi-Lifts

The AeroServe Medical Hi-lift is designed for conveying passengers with reduced mobility on wheelchairs or stretchers. The unit is stylishly furnished to create a soothing ambience with large windows in the cabin to improve the comfort of the passengers

 Standard Cab  2600 mm to 6000 mm
 Drop Cab  2200 mm to 6000 mm
 Half Cab  1650 mm to 6000 mm

Passenger Stairs

The Aeroserve parallelogram passenger steps are constructed of heavy-duty steel mainframe that facilities passengers to embark and disembark aircraft.

Its parallelogram design allows the servicing height from the lowest of 2,500 mm to a maximum of 3,600 mm. This height allows servicing for two of the most popular commercial aircrafts B737 & A320 with only 1 equipment.


Latest A380 Cabin Maintenance Hi-lift